5 logo mistakes you can’t afford to make.

Logos that make any of the following mistakes aren’t reaching their potential and are costing your business.

1 – Simply Complicated

A good way to test if your logo is too complex is to write a list of elements you see in it. This would include objects, logo fonts, and sub fonts. If this list exceeds 4 entries, chances are your logo is complicated.

The Cost – Each additional element in a logo diminishes its impact. The viewer does not know where to look and is confused. The logo begins to look like a mud smear at a small size.

The Solution – Simplify. Create a logo around one main focus that matches the value your bring to your customers. If done right your logo will be more versatile and eye catching.

2 – Color Crazy

Many logos try to use too many colors, gradients, or colors that don’t compliment each other. A study by the University of Loyola, Maryland found that consistent use of color increases brand recognition by up to 80%.

The Cost – The logo looks terrible in black and white. It’s expensive to reproduce. It can’t be used on both dark and light backgrounds consistently. It can’t be embroidered. It’s not consistent from print, to web, to clothing.

The Solution – Make sure you logo looks good in black and white first. Then choose a color or two that evokes the emotional response you want your clients to feel when the do business with you.

3 – Negative Space

Most logos pay little attention to the space in between the logo elements, the space that separates the letters, and how the logo interacts with the space around it.

The Cost – Logo elements start to all blend together. The logo is hard to read, especially at a distance. The logo is hard to use in spaces that don’t match it’s horizontal or vertical dimensions.

The Solution – Take great care in the “white space” between logo elements. Make sure your logo looks great tiny and huge. Choose logo dimensions that can look good in a square, rectangle or circle.

4 – Copy of a Copy

Most businesses are unique and are trying to show prospects how they do things better and differently from their competitors. Ironically, most industry logos are very similar. Roof lines in real estate,  a combo of initials for architects and engineers, a tooth for the dentist office, and on and on. The problem isn’t that they are using imagery that is related to their industry, it’s that they are doing it in the same way as everyone else.

The Cost – You miss an opportunity to stand out. At first glance you’re perceived as the same as your competition.

The Solution – Take the necessary time to create a logo that is truly original and inspiring to your clients. Develop a variety of initial concepts. Choose one that is refreshing to you, your staff, and your customers while making your competitors’ logos look amateurish.

5 – You Get What You Pay For

Have you ever bought a really cheap pair of shoes, vehicle, or water heater? The shoes fell apart, the vehicle is in the shop, and the water heater is leaking. There may be an occasional exception to the rule, but why would you want to “get a deal” on one of your business’ most public assets? Invest in quality now, or pay later.

The Cost – You spend more time and money to have it produced in various formats. You have to do a logo redesign every 5 years. Your clients can spot another unoriginal and uninspiring brand and perceive your product or service as cheap and low quality.

The Solution – Spend a little more on the logo design up front and save in the long run. Think of your logo as a business investment rather than a decoration. Hire an experienced artisan to design your logo, the attention to detail will impress your audience and elevate the perception of your brand.